Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

ReStore 4Want to help us help customers go green and save money? Join us at the Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity ReStore to help our customers get great deals while raising money to build homes. Come show off your pearly whites and raise money to raise roofs – while helping to save our planet. Every $1 a customer spends at the ReStore diverts 1.3 pounds of waste from a landfill!???????????????????????????????

Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity ReStore welcomes volunteers to work whatever hours you have available. Typically, we schedule four-hour shifts, but if you can come in for an hour or two (or eight) we will gladly put you to work!  We operate a flexible work schedule and appreciate the time and commitment of all of our volunteers.

Not sure it’s for you?  Why not come on into the store and visit us? Look around the store, talk to other volunteers, and see if ReStore might be a place you’d like to donate some time. We bet you’ll have fun here and will feel good about the contribution you’re making to a great cause. We are always looking for volunteers to help with cleaning, receiving, sales floor, and  special projects.


Volunteering at the ReStore

ReStore is located at 29 Fox Run Road in Newington, NH (the former roller rink near Walmart).  There are a number of areas we need help with on a daily basis:

Sales Floor
Sales floor volunteers help customers find items in the store and answer general questions. You may also help customers carry items to the sales counter and to their vehicle. When not helping customers, you may rearrange merchandise, tidy shelves, and prepare donations for sale in the store. To volunteer at the ReStore, email us! (manager@nhrestore.org)

Receiving volunteers help unload donated building materials and items from our ReStore box truck and from donors’ vehicles. Hand trucks and a pallet jack are available to help with larger items such as appliances and pallets of flooring. You’ll help prepare these items for display and move them to the sales floor.   To volunteer at the ReStore, email us! (manager@nhrestore.org)

Merchandise Preparation
Many of the items donated to the store require some preparation prior to placement on the sales floor, such as minor cleaning, removal from packaging, organizing, etc.  You may be asked to assist in the receiving  area where incoming donations are staged, prepared and priced, and to help place the merchandise throughout the store.  To volunteer at the ReStore, email us! (manager@nhrestore.org)

Special Projects
We always have special projects and odd-jobs to do. They might include building corrals to display doors and windows, constructing a rack to display lumber, assembling ceiling fans, cleaning appliances, or making minor repairs to cabinets and vanities. We always need a hand keeping the store clean by sweeping floors, stairs, the loading dock and sidewalk, cleaning the bathroom, or emptying trash cans. To volunteer at the ReStore, email us! (manager@nhrestore.org)

At Home Projects
If you have technical skills such as website or database design, graphic design for signs and promotional materials, etc., please contact us. We have lots of opportunities to volunteer without actually being in the store. To volunteer at the ReStore, email us! (manager@nhrestore.org)

How Do I Volunteer?
If you are interested in volunteering at the ReStore, or if you have any questions about helping out in the store, call the manager at 603-750-3200 or send an email to manager@nhrestore.org.  You will need to read and complete a Waiver of Liability Form and an  Updated Vol Agreement and meet with the manager before we put you to work.  Hope to see you in the store!


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