Winter Heating Tips

One of our Steady Eddies, Stephen Berry, shared this article he wrote about identifying heat loss through your home’s roof.  It’s really very informative. Check it out:

Are you losing HEAT thru your Roof ?

Now that cold weather is here – there is an EASY way to check to see if you are LOSING HEAT thru your attic/roof.    IF you find that you are losing heat thru your roof – there are several ways to insulate that area to reduce/eliminate the heat loss.  You don’t need to completely insulate your house to help out this winter – address what you can.   Talk to your local support group such as the Food Bank, Social Services, Community Support Groups – to see if anyone can help with the insulation or identifying a solution.  It could be you need help only putting in insulation, or help purchasing insulation – or both.   BUT ASK   –   the oil/gas/wood savings will be worth it – and it should help keeping your house warmer this season.

On a Frosty Morning before the sun hits your roof –go outside and see if your roof looks like this roof.  Solid Frost or maybe a light coating of snow all over.  Wonderful! 


BUT if your roof looks like this –  it tells you that your insulation is quite good, just a couple of spots that could/should be looked at.  Prossibly the insulation is hanging down from the rafters and only needs to be tacked back in place.  But still check out the attic if you can.


NOW if your roof looks like this –  it is telling you that there is some insulation near the eaves, but further up in the rafters, there is little or no insulation.  HEAT loss is happening – costing you money and you are heating  the outside.   Typically around the chimney you might/should see various degrees of melting depending on how you are heating your house.  Insulation will stop/reduce that heat loss.   Be certain to look into your attic and see if you can identify what is happening and what you might need to do.  If you don’t feel comfortable going to the attic – talk to someone for help.   (There might be formal State or Federal program – and probably a waiting list – ASK anyway.)